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bridging the gap between where you are, now,
and the future you're growing into.

2023 has been HARD. Right??!! Weird things are happening to EVERYONE and every single small business I've spoken to is feeling it. We're all doing the best that we can just to survive, not really knowing what's ahead, BUT we're all ALSO feeling very big, very confusing growing pains in our brands and businesses...

Tell me if you feel this, too:

+ You've gone through some INCREDIBLE transformation over the last few years.

+ You've got SO MUCH hope and excitement for 2024.

+ You're feeling more confident in yourself and what you bring to the table than you have in years.

- You're struggling to get paid and, maybe, not making sales as easily or quickly as you used to...

- You're having a hard time trying to fit your new business/services into an old brand.

- You're struggling with missing pieces. Branded tools that will help your business keep growing.

~ You know you need some kind of change or update in your brand, but you're still growing and not ready to commit to a BIG rebrand when you're not 100% sure of your future.

Beta Branding Throwback Pricing!
Temporary Brand Design for $750

Check out this AMAZING deal, in honor of the first time I ever "raised" my pricing. That moment of self-confidence was HUGE and I want to share that with you.

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for 2024

Read through the à la carte menu of services that are usually embedded in big branding packages. I'm making these services available WITHOUT the big budget because I know that, right now, we could all use a little extra help.

Beta Branding :  a short-term logo/visual update

You’ve grown. Things have changed. Who you are, right now, and what you do, right now, doesn’t fit with the branding/logo that you’ve been living in for what feels like a really long time. Imagine who you were back in 2019. Imagine what your business looked like… back in 2019…


Now imagine that what you were doing, then, and what your brand was all about, then… is a pair of jeans. Your favorite pair of jeans that you used to feel REALLY good in. But now? Now, they don’t feel the same. They’re not as comfortable... They just don’t fit you anymore.


And it’s not because you’ve done anything wrong, it’s because you’ve OUTGROWN them. Trying to step forward into a new and exciting future while you’re still trying to wedge yourself into an old brand is exhausting and it will ABSOLUTELY hold you back. So don’t do that.

It might not be time for the full-on, big picture, dream inspired rebrand, because I get that that’s a BIG commitment both in time and money, but you need something. Let’s bridge the gap with some Beta Branding.

Let’s work together and quickly create something that you can use RIGHT NOW to help you move forward. Think of this as an opportunity to try on a new pair of jeans. Test them out, see how they feel and how YOU feel in them. This is brand design without a ton of pressure and commitment.


You’ve gone through some incredible growth and transformation and, if you’re like me, you’re probably still growing. So don’t worry about creating THE THING that’s going to stick with you for the next decade, just focus on 2024. What can we build, brand/logo-wise, to help you keep growing and keep moving forward in 2024, without feeling like you’re making a HUGE long-term commitment AND without feeling like you’re trying to grow and do all these fun, exciting things in a pair of jeans (aka a visual brand identity) that doesn’t fit anymore.

AND because we’re doing this, and I’m super excited that we’re doing this, I want to offer that for the first 4 months of 2024 I’ll be offering Beta Branding at the “throwback” price of $750.

- a logo
- color palette & font selection
- instruction on how to use your Beta Branding
- and strategic planning for how this is going to fit into the bigger picture of your brand journey


All for $750 (this kind of stuff is usually thousands of $$).


Why…? Because I feel what you’re feeling. And I remember what it felt like when I was just figuring things out and doing whatever I could for my business to survive. I know that there is something incredibly special inside of you. We’re entrepreneurs. We’re amazing. We dream and create and build things that have never existed before because that’s just… who we are. When I first started to feel confident in my own shoes, as a business owner, I RAISED my prices for branding to $750. The first time I got a “yes” at that price felt like I was on top of the world.

In honor of that feeling, and in memory of who I was back then and how important every inch of growth felt when I was so new, I want to help you in this incredibly difficult and powerful stage of growth. We can get to the big-picture-brand-building stuff when you’re ready. For now, let’s start off 2024 with something that fits who you are and what you’re doing right now.

Brand building takes time, but Beta Branding can be quick.
Brand building is a big investment, but Beta Branding is a lot less intimidating, budget wise.

Additional 2024 Micro Services

Micro Services

While we’re at it, I’ve got a ton of services in my back pocket that could help you feel more confident and comfortable in 2024. These are NOT a re-brand, but they WILL help to bridge the gap until you’re ready for something more.

Now, imagine for a hot second that you’ve signed up for an in-person conference/networking event/retreat and DAYS before you’re set to leave for what promises to be a TRANSFORMATIONAL experience with loads of potential customers in the room and you realize that you haven’t had a business card in YEARS. Literal YEARS!!!! Because who needed a business card from 2020-2023??? NO ONE!!! But all of a sudden, business cards are a thing again and who knows what to do about that???!!!

Yes, that literally happened to me. And I was FRANTIC. I ended up getting super cheap-feeling business cards printed same-day and I definitely didn’t feel good about them (or about myself, let’s be honest). That was, UNTIL, I got to the conference and realized that most of the people there had done the EXACT same thing as me and that we were ALL apologizing for our business cards!!!

Even though that experience ended up being pretty funny, and an affirmation that we’re all going through this weird moment of growth, it still felt really bad to show up in a public space and feel like I had to excuse my own growing pains. So let’s not do that. No matter where you are on your brand growth journey, I want you to feel like you can show up and feel proud of who you are and what you’re doing RIGHT NOW.

Take a look through this list of à la carte services and let me know which ones could help you feel a bit more confident, and a little less apologetic, in 2024.

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