OUR MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to use creativity and kindness to improve the working lives of women business owners and to empower the success potential of women in the workplace through graphic design and creative marketing. We create long-lasting relationships with existing and fledgling businesses and organizations and we become an active and reliable asset to their ongoing successes.

OUR VALUE PROPOSITION: As your advocate in a competitive world, we use graphic design and creative marketing to visually express the uniquely beautiful soul of your business to the world and to the people who need to see it most. We’re here with you, we’re here to help.


Founded in 2014, Inkind Design was born out of pure compassion and joy. With a decade of graphic design behind her, Meg Joyce realized that the most important, most meaningful moments in her working life all involved designing for small businesses and non-profits. Why? Because it just means more. For a small business, something as simple as a well-designed, thoughtfully built brochure can literally save a business. For a non-profit organization that's finding it's way a solid brand could be the difference between lasting for decades to come and the terrifying fizzle-out... 

Better design means better business, which means at Inkind Design our whole job is to make your life easier. For help with your graphics, branding, website, social media, or just marketing in general, working with us means working with someone who genuinely cares about your successes and wants your business and your life to be as amazing as it possibly can be.

so now what? What does it all mean?

Working with Inkind Design means, above all else, that you're not in it alone. We absolutely love our clients and we are so proud to call them part of our Inkind Family. We don't do "drive by" design, those projects where you ask us for one thing and then we never hear from you again. It makes us sad. We want to get to know you. We want to know all about your wildest hopes and dreams, so that together we can make them your reality. We want to help you build your brand with confidence, so that no matter who you're talking to you'll know exactly what to say. We want you to be able to breathe without worrying where your next sale or donation is going to come from. Loving what you do is SO possible and we'd absolutely love to help you figure out how to get there. We promise it's not that hard!!!