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Brand Expansion

Brand Expansion is perfect for you if:

  • You like your logo… but you’re ready for more than “just a logo”

  • You’re tired of starting from scratch, design-wise, every time you want to put your logo on something

  • You’re starting to think about big things like updating your website and you don’t know what it’s supposed to look like

  • You’re ready to start asking the questions and finding the answers to the questions that “just a logo” doesn’t help with

Brand Expansion

Service Includes

  • brand strategy

  • vectorize/edit existing logo

  • color palette update

  • suggested fonts
  • brand-supporting artwork
  • branded social templates

  • inspiration for real-world application

  • lightweight style sheet for easy sharing

  • training videos

  • (logo design not included)

a picture is worth a thousand words

take a look at some of my brand expansion clients:

ready to make some brand magic?

I’m here for it! 

Book a call to see which package is right for you and your brand.  It’s going to get playful, messy, and fun as we turn your brand dreams into a visual reality.

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