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what is Brand Therapy?

It's the INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT piece you didn't know was missing in your brand growth journey.

Hugged up tight in the brand therapy cocoon,
your brand will be safe with me. And so will you...

Brand Therapy

is a conversation and a journey.


It lives in the questions that I ask:

“What makes you happy?” 

“What does failure look like for you?”

It's in the answers you give me:

“I don’t know….?"

”It looks like giving up and walking away.”

It's in all those small moments where we get to peel back a layer of all the “I have to”s and “I should”s that you’ve used to guide all your brand decisions so far.

Brand Therapy is how I help you to heal and grow and thrive as a business owner and how YOU get to feel seen. Because I DO see you. And I AM you. I get that this is all hard because I live it too!!!

Building a business and growing a brand are HUGELY emotional, and Brand Therapy is how we face and better understand those emotional triggers and traps.


Meg Joyce

Brand Therapist & Designer


"Brand Therapy! Not something I'd ever heard of and definitely didn't think I needed. But one session in and my mental health around work is way different. We never discuss work trauma but it's real. I highly suggest Brand Therapy to any entrepreneurs or small business owners in my network. Let's get excited about work again."

- Christa P.

So what IS brand therapy???

Advice, caring, empathetic perspective on what matters and what doesn't, encouragement on all the things you've been too scared to realize you wanted, someone to open up to and be honest with about why you've been feeling so lost and confused and alone in all the years of growing and building and planning...

... and all of it wrapped up in the most empowering and hope-reigniting conversation of your life.

Whether you sign up for the full course or take it one session at a time, I can tell you that brand therapy is going to be the most meaningful part of how we work together:

Because who doesn't need a little therapy??

And whether you realize it or not... your brand needs it too.


Brand Therapy Program
Discovering Your Brand from Within



Support, Growth, and Clarity

pay-in-full discounts and pricing plans available for programs
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"I just thought you should know that, recently, in my many, many moments of doubt and worry and “nope, this is a bad idea”, yours is the voice of reason, hope, motivation, and calm that most want to hear and that I seek/replay in my head."

- Ashleigh H.

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