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because the heartbeat of every brand is human

Brand Therapy


ask me anything sessions

Brand Therapy

Maybe you’re not ready for the visual brand design process just yet, but you’ve got questions...

That’s what my Brand Therapy AMA sessions are all about!

Book an hour of my time and I’ll help answer your burning brand design questions.

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Brand Therapy Group

art therapy for business owners

Come join in the fun and allow yourself to remember what it's like to dream, relax, and rediscover the joy in our brand.

All of the brand therapy exercises are rooted in the fundamental principles of human relationships with colors, shapes, art, and creativity. Learn about yourself. Explore all the hopes and dreams you never new you hoped for. Engaging in the Brand Therapy Group is like combining adult coloring books with a walk in nature with a conversation with a trusted business strategist.

brand therapy is the process of rediscovering yourself

as a business, a brand, and as a person


and you don't have to experience ANY of it on your own

Being a business owner is lonely!!! As entrepreneurs and brand owners, we volunteer to put the weight of the world on our shoulders. But you don't have to feel so alone, because you're NOT alone.

I'm here. And I get it. And I have stuff!! Magical stuff. Beautiful stuff. Meaningful, emotional, growth inspiring STUFF!!!

And by stuff, of course, I mean time tested art therapy exercises and a deep understanding of the constant frustrations and motivations of small business owners.

but don't take my word for it...

the proof is in the creative, emotional pudding!

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