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Imagine a space where you can feel safe. Where you can grow, experiment, ask questions and find answers, surrounded by a supportive community that needs your help as much as you need theirs.

That’s The Brand Therapy Group.

Creativity is fundamental to growth. Opening your mind to creativity, and with creativity, in any shape or form is the first step toward opening up your whole future.



Membership: $15/month

  • Brand Therapy prompts range from creative projects (easily accessible, low stress art stuff) to introspective/perspective shifting “brand defining” exercises (these can be used for a business/org brand or personal brand interchangeably). This is not something you have to schedule around, you can participate in the group wherever, whenever, and however you are able. Exercises and prompts take 15-30 minutes on average, and the more you practice creativity and introspection, the easier it will be to get into the swing of it.

  • A new Brand Therapy prompt goes out every other week and members are welcomed to choose between a creative project and a brand defining exercise (or both!). Occasionally we’ll pop in a special “just because” surprise project or a community project that we can all complete together, but the whole point is for this to be a safe, no pressure space for emotional and creative expression.

  • Within the two weeks between prompts, everyone is encouraged to live into their experience. For brand defining exercises, you can take time to think about your answers and ask people in your life for feedback and input. For creative projects, since they’ll be quick to complete, we encourage members to practice them several times. The first time with a new technique is always rough... Repetition builds confidence. If it helps, you can think of it this way: week 1 is for execution, week 2 is for posting results and leaving supportive and encouraging feedback for your fellow group members.

  • And that brings us to posting... Members are encouraged to share their work in the online group (hosted on this website, MUCH more intimate than social media). Sharing is not mandatory, but highly encouraged. The biggest benefit we can all get from this experience is an opportunity to be vulnerable and to be lifted up by our fellow members. You don’t have to be an artist to be creative, and the more we all practice, learn from each other, and build confidence, the better we become in all aspects of our lives.

  • “Free weeks” (aka weeks off) are a time when members can look back on the prompts we’ve worked through in the past and be able to redo or relive those experiences. This is a fun opportunity to see who goes back to which prompts and what memories or new discoveries come out of it.

  • Membership is guarded by an application process. It is of paramount importance that the people participating in this group are kind, engaged, and supportive of other participants. We encourage members to know each other’s names and to feel free to communicate with one another within the safety of the Brand Therapy Group.

  • Being an “artist” or having any previous practice or training in art is NOT a prerequisite for participation in the Brand Therapy Group. Every single project is built to be adaptable, accessible, and super easy to learn from and grow within. The whole point of this isn’t to create great art/artists. It’s to grow in confidence, see the world and our lives from a new perspective, increase understanding of the inherently creative nature of humans, stretch our problem solving skills, and to learn to speak kindly to ourselves and LOUDLY about the things we care about.



life's too short to be stingy with the exclamation points!!!!!

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