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Bite-sized branding that’s beautiful and budget friendly!!!

treat yourself to a little:

Bridge-the-Gap Branding

Get quick and powerful branding
from a kickass designer

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  • You’ve outgrown your previous designs, or you’re tired of the same DIY templates. 

  • You feel like you want to apologize for your brand any time you send someone to your website.

  • You’ve been working hard on your business, and it shows everywhere - except your branding.

This is Premium Branding You’ll Be Proud to Share
(without the premium price tag)

I’m a small business owner too, so I know that a full blown rebrand is a big investment of time and resources.The timing has to be right. And right now… maybe it’s not.
I hear you, I see you, and I am you!

I created this bridge-the-gap branding package so you can have brand visuals that you’re proud of, without waiting until you can invest in the next full rebrand.


So…how about some new branding in less than 10 days?*


this is for you if:

  • You’re trying to sell premium offers with DIY branding

  • You’ve outgrown your previous look (and it shows)

  • Your branding is attracting the wrong types of buyers

  • You need a budget-friendly option

  • You need to sell new offers NOW

How does Bridge-the-Gap Branding work?
it’s easy when you have the right recipe:

1. Join me in my brand kitchen (otherwise known as a virtual consult call)

2. Share all your brand dreams with me. I want to hear where your business is going!

3. Give me a week to whip up your brand magic + 1 half-hour consult call for revisions

4. You’ll open up your inbox to find your beautiful new brand visuals

5. Start using your new branding immediately!

BONUS: I’ll include a SUPER HELPFUL video tour of how to get your brand set up in Canva


"This is the saving grace that I needed!  My business had grown into something new - and my graphics just didn't fit anymore. I dreaded using my old graphics, but I didn't have the time for a full blown rebrand. I needed something right away. Meg took my brand musings and turned it into something gorgeous and compelling - and I was proud to share it everywhere. I got so many compliments on my rebrand!"
- Christine, Christine McShane Creative

In Bridge-the-Gap Branding

A Logo Refresh
I’ll take elements of your existing logo, and mix it in with your new hopes and dreams, to create something fresh and new

Color Palette and Font Selection
Get hand selected colors and fonts that reflect your new brand vision

5 Versatile Canva Graphics
Your social media feed never looked this good!

Style Guide
Take your brand and run with it - and keep it looking amazing!

Strategic Planning Outline
Know how your current brand fits into the big picture of your journey

"Meg has this incredible ability to have faith in us that we don’t have in ourselves. She has a greater vision for everybody’s business (and for hers), but to have someone on your team who has unyielding faith in you, and what you can create, and who is going to push you and support you as you build great things, is just incomparable."
- Ashleigh, Howland Muscular Therapy

What are you waiting for?
Book now and start using new brand ASAP!*

Just $950 - a fraction of the cost of a full rebrand

This is a steal!  But I love you and I’m so proud of you,
so I’m offering this bridge-the-gap branding at a jaw-dropping price for the remainder of 2024.

Package goes up to $1300 in January 2025.  Get on the list so you don’t miss it!

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* Your brand visuals will be delivered approximately 5-8 days after your completed consult call. Timing and delivery  is dependent on your scheduling both the consult call and the revisions call.

What’s the difference between bridge-the-gap branding
and a full rebrand?


A full rebrand means re-imagining everything about your brand and where it’s going.  

It’s a transformative experience, and I’ll take my time, because we’re going to infuse every aspect of your heart-and-soul brand in a rich set of stunning colors and visuals that you’ll want to share everywhere.

A full rebrand can include reinventing your image, discovering a totally new path for your brand, creating a new logo from scratch, rethinking color palettes, sparking BIG DEAL inspiration for HUGE change in your website and designs to fit every marketing need.

The full rebrand will be here when you’re ready.
But, for now, you don’t need to walk around in branding that doesn’t fit you anymore.
I want you to be proud of your branding - no matter where you are in the process.

This bridge-the-gap branding package literally refreshes your brand into something polished and beautiful, until you’re ready to embrace the full rebrand magic.


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