a soul searching journey, worth the wait

One of the best complements we ever received was when a customer told us that she loved our ability to create brands that were each completely authentic to the individual businesses and people they were for. This process is so much about you, no one else, and we love being the conduit, the translator, that makes it possible. The branding process is all encompassing and it’s such a labor of love but, when all is said and done, what you really walk away with is confidence. Imagine knowing that the decisions you make for your business are the right ones. Imagine being able to always introduce yourself and your business with pride because, without having to say a single word, people already see you as an empowered business owner. What we create for our clients is beautiful, but it’s also personally transformative. Knowing who you are. Knowing what your business means to your clients and to the world. That’s what we create. That’s why we love what we do.

Alex Carleton of Acumentri is the most amazing, encouraging, sharp-shooting executive coach you'll ever meet. This is the story of building her brand.


We love this part! Our first step is to learn everything there is to know about your business and basically just everything you’ve ever hoped and dreamed. It might sound crazy, but our whole goal is to create a stunning visual that is entirely you: all the most amazing, wonderful, meaningful, and authentic pieces of you. Then we take everything we've learned and try to boil it all down to 2 or 3 words... Just 2 or 3 words to encompass everything you are... Easy right? Right...  Working with Alex Carleton of Acumentri was a dream because, apart from her just being generally brilliant, she's also super into introspection and self discovery. Her two words? Clever & Clear. So what makes those words so very Alex and so very Acumentri? Well, just to scratch the surface, she's super clever and she's expertly direct. Visually, she likes clean lines and white space dotted with bits of fun and cheeky surprises. Even better, Alex is all about being able to see things from all sides, so having so much meaning packed into two short words is totally Acumentri!  

From there, we get out of our heads and dive into the visual. But we're not sketching logos just yet, first we take a moment to make sure we really know what you'll like. We collect up seemingly random pictures we think you'll love. It's a super fun first big step into the visual and it's a way for you to dip your toe into really figuring out what matters most to you. This is where we take a cerebral problem and turn it into something a little more tangible. Click here to take a look at what we put together for Alex. What do all those colors, phrases, and images say to you?

setting the mood

If you haven't guessed it, all that image gathering is leading up to a mood board! What fun!! Honestly, if you're thinking mood board and having flash backs to horrible group projects, magazine clippings, and more paint or tape than you'd normally go through in a year, rest assured this is all WAY easier. All the fun with none of the frustration. Best part? We do the heavy lifting for you! From that first pinterest board of images, we ask you to pick out the ones that mean the most to you. Then we take the best of those and transform them into one great big jumbled, beautiful, nonsense picture. That picture becomes the living and evolving embodiment of your brand in it’s most raw form. Your mood board. It’s personal, it’s powerful, it’s you.

Take a look at the Acumentri mood board. What does it tell you about the brand it represents? What stands out most to you?  And if you had the chance, what do you think would be in your mood board? We'd love to hear all about it!

diving into the dirty work

Now that we're fully on the same page and definitely headed in the right direction, it's time to get down to the serious stuff... the creating. This part of the process is all about passion-(and candy)-fueled creativity. It's about pulling inspiration from all the hard work that brought us to this point and allowing the artistry and the heart to tell us where we need to go. It might sound crazy, but this is where we let the work do the leading and as long as we give the process the time and space it needs, the potential for greatness is literally limitless. Take a look at some of the wild and quirky things we came up with for Acumentri! Think Clever & Clear. Do you see it?

sketching in style

Sketching logo options is all about limitless potential and quantity. But step 2 in the design process is really cool and much more careful. From all those logo options, we ask you to pick a top 3 or 4 which speak to you more than the others, taking the hardest decisions and breaking them down into manageable chunks.


Once you've picked your favorites, we take those and build what's called a stylescape. A stylescape takes that logo option and pulls in a little more context. It's where we start to build out more of the meat of the brand. Take a look at the stylescapes we put together for Acumentri. Each one tells a slightly different story. What do you see? Which would you pick?

focusing in on the details

Once a favorite from all those stylescapes has been picked, things start getting super picky. We talked with Alex about what she loved about the logo and what she didn't love so much. Take a look at the image slider and see if you can point out the super finicky details that made all the difference.

making the most of the finished product

So what next? We've done all the soul searching, all the problem solving, all the wishful thinking... now it's time to celebrate and get to work! The best part of building a brand is being able to confidently apply it to everything and everything you face in running your business. You can actually take everything you've learned throughout this process and use it to help you make those BIG business decisions we all face. Not sure which chairs to buy for the new office? Take a look at your favorite stylescape and see which chairs are the best fit in that visual space. Want to set up a website but don't know what it should look like? You literally have a roadmap that you can hand to any web developer/designer that will tell them what you need. (speaking of which, we do that too! Click here to learn more!)

Practically speaking, the tangible pieces you'll walk away with are all of the logo files you could possibly need for print, digital, web, and social. We'll provide you with all of your colors and fonts so you can keep everything you do consistently branded. And even better, you'll have walked through this whole process with us and there'll be no one who knows your brand better than us. We'd love the chance to then take the brand we've built together and build it into so so much more. Wherever your business journey could possibly take you, we'll be thrilled to be there to help.