branding, print design, signage

Building a community from scratch is like planting a garden. You till the soil, plant the seeds, and with love, care, and a whole boatload of hard work spring comes and everything explodes!! Or something like that... ok, we'll leave the gardening to the brilliant mings at Holliston Community Farm and stick to what we do best. And in this particular case, that's branding! We had so much fun putting together a super dynamic iconic logo for HCF. This simplified farm scene is deceptively complex, particularly because of all the moving pieces... yea, we said moving. Any logo mark needs to be adaptable and this one's a doozie. When you look at the primary version of the logo, notice a cow, a goat, and a tractor. Cute! And super effective as long as the logo is big enough for you to see it all. Then look at those same elements as the logo is scaled down to smaller sizes... do you see it? Fun right?