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Jane Doe Inc. does critically important work to protect and serve victims of domestic and sexual violence. It was such an honor to be asked to support them in planning a one of a kind event in Ashland to raise funds for their efforts. But what do you do with a totally blank slate? Where do you even start with limitless possibility and no sense of direction? You surround yourself with brilliant minds... and you listen. And that's exactly what we did. By stepping into the process at the moment of inception, we were able to listen to all of the planning committee's fabulous ideas for how to make the best, most engaging night and when the dust began to settle and everyone started asking which ideas to choose... we piped up and said what if we... do it all? Crazy right? But live in it for a second. Imagine an evening with virtual games, slam poets, food trucks, acrobats, drag queen cocktail waitresses, bright lights, live music... an evening of magic and fantasy for the kid in all of us... and thus the Carnival for Change was born!