event branding

Planning an event is about so much more than guest count and catering... It's about manufacturing an experience. And it doesn't just start when people walk in the door! These days, there's so much pressure on fundraisers, galas, weddings, even birthday parties to be bigger and better, and it all starts long before the big day. The build up to a great event (ie: save the dates, invitations, social media hype, email campaigns) is all about communicating details, setting expectations, and getting people excited for something big! The good news? It doesn't take a huge budget to plan a truly impactful and ​ridiculously fun night. What it takes is branding. 

Crazy right? But think back to events you've been to in the past. If you’ve ever experienced a show, a conference, or even a wedding where you were just blown away, chances are good it wasn’t just because of one thing, it was about how you felt, what you learned, and what stuck with you long after the night was over. That all encompassing central theme of the night that pulls in all the disparate details and turns them into something spectacular, that's what event branding is all about. Truly memorable events are a product of an incredible amount of thoughtful details. We LOVE details, so we love branding events!

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