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welcome to my brand-building sanctuary!!

Brands built with genuine love, hope, compassion, and empathy.

In here, everything is beautiful and created from the genuine love I feel for the business and customers I work with. 

Browse below to see some of my favorite Small Business Branding, Brand Expansion, Event Branding, and Campaign Branding projects:

now... imagine yourself

Living into one of these
Big Picture Brand books:

Spicy Water Distillery

The visionary, entrepreneur, and teacher behind Spicy Water Distillery is Barry. Now, when Barry came to me, the distillery of his dreams was just a glimmer in his eye with a pixelated logo he'd thrown together in a moment of desperation. And in that very first meeting together, he shared his dreams with me and I saw the potential for something truly spectacular.


It started with the inspiration for a tagline, "adventure is local", and became something powerful and brand-shifting. Using color to not only create a mood, but to build an empire.

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Working with Maura was such a blessing. Not just because what we built together was beautiful and SO specifically her, but because this wasn't just the experience of designing a visual brand... we walked together through the most honest and impactful journey of self discovery I've ever had the privilege of engaging in.

Maura came to me as a woman who was hiding behind a name that didn't belong to her and a business that didn't fit her anymore. She walked forward from our work together with a whole new lease on, and sense of ownership of, both her brand and her LIFE!

Maura Navin

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At the heart of Geaux Expo lives a man named Charles. Charles is gregarious. He's the literal, human, embodiment of a boisterous and enveloping hug. He is the absolute life of the party and, as such, it fits that his work revolves around building creative solutions to bring the "party" to conventions and trade shows all across the US.

I built Charles' new brand to not only explain the technical issue of how to pronounce the business name... but to BRING THE PARTY. Aka to express Charles' unique and memorable personality.

Geaux Expo

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ready to dive in even deeper?!?!!?

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