Being in business is so much more fun when you feel like you know what you're doing... So how do we get there? Why to we spend so much time panicking and second guessing ourselves? The answer is actually annoyingly simple.... planning. 

When was the last time you looked at your business plan? Do you even have a business plan...? Do you know what your sales were last year? Do you know what they're going to be this year? UGH!! There's just too much to think about and not enough time to figure it all out! Right? Wrong... We know from personal experience that taking the time to makes sense of this chaotic thing we're all doing (we chose to be in business for ourselves right?) makes a WORLD of difference... 

So here's where things get fun!! Each of the links below will take through an exercise that will help you get to know your business. They're all so worth working through and totally free!! No strings!! We promise you'll find questions you never knew you wanted to ask and answers you never knew you needed. Running a small business can be so fun and SO rewarding, it just takes a little work to get there. 


Do you ever feel link printers speak another language? Well, as graphic designers, we're fluent in printer-ese. We have amazing partnerships with some spectacular printers and, even if you don't need help with design, we'd love the chance to share some of our good fortune, and great prices, with you. 

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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail... harsh... but not totally wrong. Actually not wrong at all. Totally true and not nearly as scary as it sounds. You might be surprised how big of an impact putting your hopes and dreams on paper can have.

To read through our business plan template, click here.


We all have big dreams for our businesses. Well, maybe the big dream is just to stay in business... but still. Knowing how much you should be spending on marketing makes things a lot less stressful and knowing what you can spend gives you the freedom to have a lot more fun!

For help figuring our where your bottom line is, click here.


Who are you? It feels like it should be a really easy question to answer, but for most of us it's not. Even harder, who do your customers think you are? Finding these answers is actually a REALLY fun exercise and can be a HUGE confidence boost!

To start the adventure and answer the biggest question, click here.