Designing an image to span 900 SQfeet of wall space

So what on earth are Body Clean Towels...? Well, imagine the biggest, best wet wipe you can think of... now double it. Yeah. Game changer. Running to a meeting and feeling a little less than fresh? Take an on-the-go shower with a Body Clean Towel. Are the kids about to hop in your car after a sunscreen-y day at the beach? Save yourself the hassle of cleaning sand and sweat off your upholstery by having them towel down with BCT first! Even better...? They come packaged so small you can fit like 5 of them in one jeans pocket (and we're talking lady jeans, so that's saying something). 

Starting small...
no really, we literally mean small

Well, it all started with a big ask and a small, but perfect, image. Divine Stoneworks asked us to design a wall cling to cover the upper portion of a huge feature-wall in their production facility. After copious searching, we found the perfect picture of the perfect stone quarry. The only problem was… it covered about 21 inches of the 900 square feet we were being asked to cover which left us with  HUGE challenge. So what does a graphic designer do when faced with a challenge? We get creative!

Our first step was to go black and white to fit with the company branding. It was sad to say goodbye to the blue, but we knew that with Divine Stoneworks' rich branding colors, the black and white would really pop. Click and drag over the slider to the left to see for yourself!


The next obstacle was the very large elephant in the room... the fact that the original image was way too small! To dive a little deeper into that issue, let's talk about what happens when we try to make a small image into something very large. All photographic images are made up of tiny little blocks of solid color (like the dots in pointillism). Looking below, to the left, we have the quarry image at original size. To the right you'll see that same image when scaled up to just a fraction of the size it would ultimately need to be to go up on the Divine Stoneworks feature wall. The result is blurry and unrecognizable. The issue at hand is resolution (stay tuned for a blog post about what resolution means). 

Now, imagine that blurry, blocky image scaled up to 30 feet tall... That is exactly where the fun started. What we needed most, given the space we needed to fill, was width. Substantial width. What does a designer do when the one thing we need is what we don't have? We make it up! We used the tools available to us to create something out of (almost) nothing by taking tiny pieces of the existing image and using them like irrational little puzzle pieces. We quite literally created a panoramic image from pieces of the original quarry, thereby inventing a lifelike scene that never existed in the real world. Below is the final, fantastic, massive image. Scroll over the image to see how much of it comes from the original photograph. We think you'll be surprised!


Spoiler alert! The image below is the final product! Now, we do a whole lot of telling you how and why we do stuff, but this time we're going to take things one step further and actually SHOW you how. You can start by scrolling over the image below of the full quarry until you find the "surprise" (aka a great big turquoise box which outlines what part of the image comes from that original photo). Once you've found it, take a look at the super cool video we put together to show off a little of the behind-the-scenes graphic-design-magic. We promise it's fun and you'll never look at a gigantic billboard, poster, street sign, what-have-you the same way ever again...