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who am i?


Hi! I'm Meg Joyce,

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

There’s a lot more to branding than some colors, shapes, and fonts. 

There's feeling... There's purpose...


Your branding is the window into your business soul.


The process of Brand Building is a lot like therapy (which is why I created the Brand Therapy Group and why I incorporate Brand Therapy into ALL my brand building processes). Working together, we'll dig deep…and you'll feel a whole lot better when you’re done!

Okay, I confess I used to be overwhelmed by my business too.  Doing “all the things” was slowly depleting my joy. And isn’t that why I started this business in the first place?

The truth was, I had outgrown the previous phase of my business and my branding just didn’t “fit” anymore. 

I was bigger, better, and busting out of my old branding. It was time for something new.


Your business is blooming - and I’m here for all of it

Pull up a seat because we’re going to get real.  We’ll look at where your brand has been, where it feels stuck, and where you’re headed.

That’s where the magic begins…and I’ll take it from there.

Love, Meg

Meg Joyce - Visual Brand Designer
Founder of inKind Design, inKind Collective,
and the Brand Therapy Group

"When it comes to creativity, support, collaboration, strong business acumen, and the power of a strong woman, look no further than Meg and inKind Design. I worked with Meg to re-brand my business, and the process was fantastic. I had zero ideas of what I wanted for my design; by trial and error and helping me find out what I didn’t want, Meg came up with the perfect balance. Her knowledge and flexibility and utter support of my (developing) vision were comforting – I felt comfortable designing and revising with her, and I appreciate her patience. As a fellow female small business owner, I’m so proud of the professionalism, dedication and skill that Meg brings to the work she does and to the business world. It’s a pleasure to work with Meg, and I am confident that any business will be in excellent hands when they choose inKind Design."

Howland Muscular Therapy


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