So what on earth are Body Clean Towels...? Well, imagine the biggest, best wet wipe you can think of... now double it. Yeah. Game changer. Running to a meeting and feeling a little less than fresh? Take an on-the-go shower with a Body Clean Towel. Are the kids about to hop in your car after a sunscreen-y day at the beach? Save yourself the hassle of cleaning sand and sweat off your upholstery by having them towel down with BCT first! Even better...? They come packaged so small you can fit like 5 of them in one jeans pocket (and we're talking lady jeans, so that's saying something). 

the very beginning, a very good place to start

The funny thing about these giant wet wipes, aside from them being GIANT wet wipes, was that they were already a thing, just not here. We were approached by the American representative of a Japanese company that wanted to translate a product built for a Japanese audience into something that would speak to / jump out at / change the lives of every American mom, grandparent, employee, teacher... you get the picture. So here's where it all started! A Japanese produce designed for a Japanese audience.

a cultural translation,
designing for an american audience

So what catches the eye of an American audience? What takes an American consumer over the edge and gets them to pick up an unknown brand off a shelf or add something totally new to their online cart? Trust, comfort, accessibility. Believe it or not, so much of what we do in all of our work is about understanding the nature of human psychology. So we started with bright colors and something familiar. These initial packaging designs each tell a slightly different story. The top one is SUPER familiar. Think paper towels, soft, quilted, clean.

Then there's the "splash" design which references some of the practical aspects of the product: wet, textured, refreshing.

The last two were built to feel like a familiar "store brand". Next time you're at a grocery store or a big box store, take a look at the store brand products. They're usually good quality and a cheaper price so even if you don't always buy the store brand, chances are you notice it every time. 

building a brand along the way

While we worked away at establishing the design for the packaging, the next logical step was to tackle the logo. Like the packaging, the logo needed to tell a story. We helped the client to establish a name for the product, Body Clean Towels, and a catchy slogan, the on-the-go shower that fits in your pocket, and then we got to creating. Take a look at these fun slideshows to see some of what our creative juices came up with! In our line of work it's important to let creativity lead. Then practicality and strategic thinking get to take over and pick the best of the bunch. 

For an in-depth look at what goes into the brand / logo design process, click here to visit our branding case study.

the delight is in the details

Time for the big reveal!! The sliders below show the before and after of this whole process. On the left (the before) you can see the original Japanese packaging design, where it all started, and on the right of each slider (the after) is where we landed. A package designed for an american audience and built to be easily printed by those same Japanese machines that printed the original to make the transition as smooth as possible.

ready to face the world

The REALLY big reveal!! A finished product, ready for sale. And to think, all it took was a little bit of elbow grease. Well that and a whole lot of late nights, deep conversations, and impassioned creativity!

and so much more

And we didn't stop at packaging design. We worked with Body Clean Towels to create a whole host of marketing gems! From designing the whole concept of their marketing and targeting to building a website, stationery, sample packs, social media campaigns, and all kinds of fun stuff to back it all up. Click through the gallery below to see more or visit the Body Clean Towels website and see for yourself!