Have you ever noticed how many options there are on store shelves for detergent? Imagine that you’re in a grocery store, at the end of a long day, and you’re faced with the question of which detergent to buy. Now imagine that out of all of the options in front of you… you’ve never seen or heard of any of them before. Which do you pick? What speaks to you? If you’ve ever been to a foreign country and had to do laundry, you know that you’re going to pick the detergent that looks the most familiar and that makes you feel the most comfortable. You might never have noticed it before, but packaging design is all about understanding thought and emotion. There’s an amazing amount of work and care that goes into designing packaging and the best packaging design speaks for itself and our business is built on the exact kind of empathy that it takes to know what shapes, colors, and materials are going to mean something to this wide world of potential consumers. 

Even better, we make the journey from concept to finished product super easy and fun!! Check out our packaging case study to learn all about it!

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packaging design
packaging design
packaging design

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