Ashland, MA isn't just the most active, passionate, and business friendly town we've ever experienced, it's also the home of the very first ever Inkind Design Inc. office! Ashland is where we attended our first networking meetings, where we made some of our longest lasting relationships, and where we first dared to commit to a brick and mortar location. Ashland is the quintessential New England town with fun events going on every week and so much energy and enthusiasm behind the community. We have loved growing along side Ashland and being able to participate in and support every big, new idea their Economic Development Director can think up. We simply love Ashland and we'd love to show you some of the projects fun we've been able to help them with.

showing off downtown

There's nothing that elevates a main street like banners. These pretty pieces not only show off Ashland's amazing town pride, but are just yet another way that Ashland proves itself to be super business friendly. Local businesses each sponsor a banner and are allowed to choose from two sizes and where they'd like their banner to be displayed. The 3 different main designs/colors is a little unorthodox, but the idea comes directly from the town seal which was designed by a local girl scout and has been a fixture of the town for decades. Add into that a season banner that shows off the best features of Ashland for each time of year (we're showing off the Marathon banner because it's our favorite) and you have something totally unique, totally Ashland.

A guide to all things Ashland

When Ashland's Economic Development Director came to us saying she was sick of having to bring 6 different brochures and flyers to every farmers market and business association. Luckily, we knew JUST what to do! Together, we compiled the all-you'll-ever-need-to-know guide to Ashland. From contact info for all the town officers and offices to local restaurant listings and the general dates for and fun descriptions of the town's biggest events, this baby really does have it all. But you don't have to take our word for it! Feel free to take a look for yourself by paging through the digital guide.

To see more detailed pictures of the guide, click here to check out our gallery page!

a special blue ribbon

The Ashland Business Association, of which we are very proud members, hosts super fun ribbon cuttings for new businesses. Grand opening days are a super fun way for all of us to get to know the new business and for the new business owners to get to feel like an instant part of the community. So often pictures of the ribbon cutting stay up on social media feeds for weeks and people hang on to their cut ribbons as a point of pride and a happy memory. But what then? What happens when the dust settles? We had a moment of inspiration when we went to lunch at a newly opened local burger joint where we saw that they had proudly draped a 5 foot piece of ribbon over the elbow of a wall sconce. Sweet, but still a missed opportunity. We thought that customers visiting new businesses should be able to see that those businesses were supported by the ABA and that that piece of blue ribbon stood for something really meaningful. And thus, the ribbon cutting certificates were born! Each certificate is personalized for each business and has an actual piece of that blue ribbon mounted on it. A super simple, but super impactful, solution.

supporting local business

As a proud member of the Ashland Business Association, we're always happy to jump in whenever they need a hand. From window clings to bumper stickers and car magnets, we do whatever we can to make sure every ABA member has a way to show off their local business pride. We all know that by supporting each other we all get to succeed! 

Oh and that funny thing on the top right, that's a business card holder! Super simple, super modern, super clever. We put together the design for the header piece and the rest was history! 

We also helped the ABA find really great prices for the window clings and car magnets! Click here to learn more about the print management services we offer!

growing the ranks

With over 250 businesses in Ashland, you can definitely tell that the town is super business friendly. The Ashland Business Association is an important fixture in the town, not just in supporting local businesses but in activating the community. We were super happy to help them put together these handy rack cards to show off some of the best features of being a member and becoming a part of that community. With so much good going on, these cards are meant to instruct new members, entice potential members, and welcome new businesses to set up shop in Ashland. They give them out like candy and we absolutely love it. 

And the best part? Acting as their print broker on this project we were able to get them a really great deal! To learn more about our print brokering servies, click here!

representing Ashland in style

A good friend and fellow Ashland-local business owner came to us for tshirts when she just happened to be on the PTO. What a fun project!! We jumped at the chance to design super cure tshirts for parents and kids alike. Look at those little shirts! Totally cute! 

and things just got even cuter...

When that same Ashland-PTO-mom friend asked us to help her figure out name tags for a big summer field day, our creative juices instantly started flowing. We were thinking hot summer day, fun in the park, and what do kids like that could also be used as a handy way to keep so many classes of kids organized...? Popsicles!! That's what!! We designed "hello my name is" stickers with 16 different colored popsicles! Super handy, super simple, and oh so sweet!!!