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Art in Advertising: Art Nouveau

Today we celebrate Art Nouveau, one of my all-time favorite art movements which embodied the perfect meeting of art and design. In the late 1800’s art was everywhere and everywhere you looked it was Nouveau. From stunning architectural flourishes, to stylized pitchers and windows, and, the best representation of our purpose, advertising. The images below represent just a small set of advertisements created in the style of Art Nouveau. The art keeps you looking which makes the ad memorable. I bet you know at least one of these...

Hyper stylistic, with bold lines and brazen colors, Art Nouveau is a brief look into a past life. Don't we all wish our lives could be so glamorous? Perhaps if we asked more of our product advertisers, they could. For now, though, let's take a moment to remember a golden era where the women were beautiful and life was like a stained glass window.

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