Boundaries: Good for Scary Movies & Good For Business

I love scary things... I love feeling scared... to a point.

"Spooktober" is a time for haunting-based TV, scary movies, all the things I don't let myself consume and enjoy the rest of the year. Why...? Because boundaries. I know what will happen if I watch my favorite haunting shows all year round... I'll think my house is haunted! (It's not, I just have a vivid and impressionable imagination) If you're like me, here are some other helpful hints for when you want to watch a scary movie but... not be totally freaked out...

1. Scary things happen in predictable ways. When the movie slows down and you hear creepy music, get ready. It's coming. 2. When you know something scary is about to happen, look at the logo on the TV, or something just below the TV screen. My peripheral vision is the PERFECT solution for getting the adrenaline rush of fear without the lasting, vivid images keeping me up at night. 3. Make it funny. Most scary stories are easy to poke fun at. The outlandish plot points and over-acting are RIPE for lampooning. Find a movie buddy who agrees and you'll be screaming in laughter AND fright. VERY FUN!! 4. Watch during the daytime and/or watch with friends. If I have to watch spooky things alone and at night, I take off my glasses. Fuzzy things are less scary

Find what works for you. Enjoying scary movies, like life and like business, can and should happen on YOUR terms. So do the things you love. Watch what YOU want to watch. Work how YOU want to work. The key to EVERYTHING is boundaries. And you know who sets your boundaries?


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