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Brand Growth: A taste of my own medicine

A brand that does not adapt and grow and live… is a brand that stagnates… which, for an entrepreneur, is terrible and terrifying…

But I promise it’s ok! Because the sheer fact that you’re here, reading this, means that you’re curious. And curiosity is the FIRST step toward brand growth and an ESSENTIAL character for literally EVERY entrepreneur.

Where would we BE if we didn’t wonder “what if”?

I’ll tell you where. We’d all be in jobs with regular hours and regular pay, with someone else making the rules and the big decisions, and maybe even… BENEFITS!!!

But, as tempting as all that security and consistency sounds, the “what if” would still be there. Every second of every day, nagging at you…

“What if this could be done differently?”

“What if this could be better?”

“What if this could be… mine?”

SO here we are. You and me. Every day we’re growing. Every day we’re learning. Every day we’re building something new and exciting, even when we don’t realize we’re doing it. And it’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!

But here’s a what if for you…

What if your business grows… and you grow… but your brand visuals don’t keep up? Ouch, right?? This isn’t to make you feel bad, or like you’re missing something. This is a reminder that you are a beautiful, complex soul and that your brand CAN (and should) reflect that.

And, with all that said, I think it’s time for a bit of my own medicine…

Because I have gone through SO MUCH TRANSFORMATION in the last year and I was 100% expecting to be able to sneak into this new version of my business without making any real changes to my brand visuals… because, they’re still good right? Right! But… even if they’re good… they don’t tell the whole story. They tell the story of who I was a year ago…. And that is NOT my story today.

The realization hit me when the brilliant content wizard Christine McShane, of Christine McShane Creative, asked me for something SUPER SIMPLE. All she asked for was a couple of social media templates with my logo on them so she could test out some new taglines to enhance my new brand messaging (notice all the new?). And… I didn’t have it. I had the logos she was looking for, but when I put them up against some of the NEW stuff that I’d been working on… they… they were dead. No life. No purpose. No joy. Just… dead.

So freaked out for a second…

And then I fixed it.

I told Christine that it felt like I’d increased the size of the puzzle (my brand) but hadn’t added in any new puzzle pieces so… just a whole lot of empty spaces surrounding tidbits of beautiful things. What I needed was to figure out what belonged in all that empty space, and how the old and new puzzle pieces fit into the bigger picture.

No shortcuts. No resting in “good enough”. Because I REALLY LOVE what I’m building and it DESERVES my best effort.

So I give you, my new brand map. It’s flexible. It’s exciting. It’s vibrant and poignant and BIG and NEW and I can’t WAIT to slap it onto EVERYTHING I’m working on and building. Finally, the puzzle pieces are fitting and the picture is clear. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!

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