Customer Appreciation, When Every Sale Really Matters...

Businesses of all shapes and sizes cannot survive without customers. Literally.

So how to say thank you to your amazing, steadfast, wonderful customer base in the middle of a pandemic?

1. Figure out the message

2. Decide on the vehicle (promotional item, postcard, etc.)

3. Execute

“We’re Open!” Let people know you’re “back” in business!! Whether you’re opening up shop for the first time post-lockdown or just getting the word out that you’re still here, sending the happy news out into the world in a physical way is a fantastic idea. Your gift creates a bright spot in someone’s hectic, stressed, and maybe even lonely “new normal” day. And these days, more than ever, people remember bright spots.

“Thank you for your patience.” Honestly, given the world we’re living in today, we’ve all had to sacrifice how we show up as our best selves. Working from home, curbside pickup, transitioning to online sales, there are so many things we’ve all had to figure out on the fly. There were always going to be hiccoughs… but what a fantastic opportunity to call those hiccoughs out and use them to create even more brand loyalty!!

“We appreciate you.” This one’s a classic. And it’s a classic for a reason. You might have gotten “We appreciate you” gifts or emails or cards at holidays, but in a pandemic world, why not turn the “We appreciate you” on its head?! Totally break the mold and come up with something truly unique, totally on brand, and absolutely memorable. People have all the time in the world to think on their favorite brands and who has done the most for them. Be a business they want to think about all the time!

When all of this craziness is just a moment in history and we all go back to our “normal” lives, we will all remember how businesses showed up in a crisis. We’ll all remember who was there for us, who was grateful for our support, who we were willing to go out of our way for. As business owners, it’s important to think ahead. Take the opportunity now to lay the groundwork for a lifetime of brand loyalty. A little gratitude goes a long way.

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