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Discovering my brand in blog posts!

Here’s the story of why I went back and edited all of my old blog posts…

Inspired by the brilliant brand messaging & content writing goddess Christine McShane.

Once upon a time, I realized that the reason I hadn’t posted a blog post in ages, and realistically had never really put any effort into blogging… was because I didn’t know what to write about.

I’m betting this story already feels at least a LITTLE familiar…

And the truth is, it’s not that I didn’t WANT to write. And it’s not that I didn’t know WHAT I wanted to write… I just didn’t have a plan.

I didn’t know how to fit what I wanted to talk about INTO my brand.

So what did I want to write about?

  • Kindness

  • Creativity

  • Mental health

  • Art

  • Brand building/incite

Good stuff right?? And I can see, now, that they all TOTALLY FIT into what my brand is. We can save the saga of how I got to where I am in my brand/business for another day, because it’s long and it’s BEAUTIFUL, and it’s not quite the point here.

The point is that before I could dive into all the writing and all the feeling and all the goodness… I needed a system. I needed a plan. I knew that my website allowed me to organize my blog posts by category and I knew that it was important for my blogs to have some kind of graphic/visual element (ie. a cover image). And THAT is what got in my way.

Just that.

The how. The what. The why. All of that was enough to keep me from writing (which I love) about things (that I love) for over 7 years of running my business!!! Because if I can’t do something right, I’m just… not going to do it?

And since I didn’t know what to write on the blog, which I imagined would be my messaging-hub that I could pull from for social media…, I didn’t do that either. Fits and starts, here and there, but basically… no social media. No blog. No messaging, really, and just a very vague sense of purpose.

So………………… what changed?

My brand.

Which is me. So me. I changed.

I figured out what I wanted my business to MEAN. I did the emotional work to figure out what had been holding me back from living into the LOVE that I wanted to have for my business. I organized my thoughts by leaning on, and learning with, the tremendous women-business-owners in my life.

And now I can’t stop!! Because it all finally makes sense!!! And I am SO EXCITED AND PASSION-FILLED AND REIGNITED… and ready.

Now I have my blog categories figured out (ironically, and obviously, they’re based on all the things I wanted to write about in the first place). Now I have a million things I want to say and share. Now I have canva graphics that I can easily add to each and every blog post. I have a plan. I have a purpose. I have finally built my OWN brand.

AND, thanks to Christine McShane, I realized that it's ok that I hadn't got it right until now... because she reminded me that things can be edited. The bits and pieces that I'd accomplished, up to this point, didn't have to sit there on my blog/social feeds as a black mark, reminding me of how long it took me to get here. I edited them. I deleted a couple. And now they fit. Now they fit my brand and now they fit me.

So... how about you? What’s holding you back? What are you afraid of that might be throwing a wrench in the works and keeping you from loving your business and your brand as much as you could. What decisions have you been putting off because you just… don’t… know…?

This is all so real. And it’s ok. Let’s work through it together.

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