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Echo Art

This particular creative prompt is SUPER close to my heart... When I was in elementary school, the very first art teacher I EVER had taught us this fun, super accessible way of making art. Start by drawing something... anything... A heart, a flower, a star, anything. You can do one or a few, this is completely open to whatever and however you want to start. The point is just to start. Once you can get that first step, the rest of this exercise is easy and SO satisfying!

Pick a handful of colors that make you happy. And then... just draw. Pick one color and trace a line around the outside edge of the heart/star/flower/shape you started with. Then pick another color and trace a line around the outside edge of that. And again... and again... and again.... until the whole page is full of color!

What's happening: The physical act of controlled, repetitive motion is amazing for channeling and quieting anxiety. What's more... the more you trace around the original shape, line after line, the less complicated each new layer gets. And that's JUST like life. The further away you get from the center, from the heart of the "issue", the clearer and smoother things become.


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