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Enough is NOT a dirty word!!

I am enough.

I am doing enough.

It's enough!!!!

I spent a lifetime feeling like, even at my best, I was falling short of something. And I never took the time to define what that "something" was, so the goalpost of perfection kept moving… and the threat of failure always felt like it was just behind me… nipping at my heels.

The impossible drive for perfection was killing me… and I know I’m not alone in that…

Until I remembered something an amazing spirit and friend and coach said to me YEARS ago…

“What would failure actually look like?”

Well sh*it…

Um… losing the house because we can’t afford the mortgage?

Umm……. having to move back in with my parents and feeling stuck in non-adulthood?

Ummm…….. not being able to afford food or fun or independence or self-worth?

And then she said…

“And how close are you to that.”

Oh… not at all.

“Then… you’re…”

Not failing…

Oh… Right…

Not failing. Not even close to failing. So… I’m ok.

Maybe I’m even… good?

Maybe all the work and all the hope and all the meaning… maybe it’s all enough. Maybe I’M enough…

And here’s the thing, THE thing that I HOPE you can take away from reading this: Enough is ABSOLUTELY enough. You are not on this earth to be the most or the best in ANYTHING… besides being you. And you don’t even have to be the best YOU all the time. Just be. Just live. Live for yourself and your own happiness. Live for yourself and for the things and the people you love. And that’s it. That’s all there needs to be. If you’re afraid of failure… define failure. If you’re trying to be perfect… define perfection. And once you’ve done that, say it out loud. Say it to someone who loves you. And realize that you’re ok. You aren’t perfect, because no one is, but you’re also not failing. Not even close. You are ok. And that’s enough.

“Enough” is NOT a dirty word. It’s beautiful.


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