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Check out the new Inkind Design brochures!!!!! Ok, honest statement… I think about print A LOT. Like all the time. I LOVE high quality print marketing so much that I hoard it and every now and then I pull out my drawers full of print and just… enjoy them. I’m a little over the top, admittedly, but the tactile experience of print is SUPER important to the consumer experience too.

Think back on... any print piece you've ever encountered. Has there ever been a business card or a brochure that just made you pause and take a second look? Yeah. That's the goal. In marketing, and particularly in generating sales and fostering brand recognition... those few extra seconds are GOLD.

So... take a second and think through your own print marketing. It took Inkind Design 4 years to FINALLY have a brochure. This isn't easy stuff, but it's SO important!!! How do your print materials make you feel? What do you think they communicate to your audience? Have they ever helped you close a sale? Because print can do that!

Think it over and if the answers to those questions don't make you smile, get in touch. We'd love to help you get to a place where your brand and your print marketing is actively working FOR you.

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