In the Inkind Design office, we’re all still reeling from our experience of this year’s Pan Mass Challenge. The Pan Mass Challenge (PMC) was first conceived in 1980 as a charity bike ride among friends to raise money for cancer research. Since then, PMC has grown into a life-saving, science-altering, behemoth of a movement. In 39 years (and counting) PMC has raised over $700,000,000 (that’s $700million, people…). Every penny raised for or by PMC goes directly to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for the explicit purpose of cancer research. For more information on PMC and what it all means, visit their website

So what does PMC mean to IKD? Well, it’s hard to find anyone these days who hasn’t had some kind of brush with cancer, whether it was fatal or not, whether it was in themselves or in a loved one… we’ve all been there. And that’s true for the staff at Inkind Design as well as our wider reaching Inkind Family. For the past 10 years, IKD Family member Darryl Abbey has participated in PMC and taken on over 200 miles on a bike in 2 days, as well as an astronomical fundraising goal each time. This year, kind soul and fellow IKD Family member Gail Abbey joined in the fun and we just LOVED getting to support them both through their physical and emotional endeavor. Even more close to home, for the past 5 years, Inkind Design has been lucky enough to be asked to design the team cycling kit for Team Five & Dime (V&X). We’ve loved every second of it and have really grown to feel like one-of-the-team. To check out our kit design for this and past years in our online gallery, click here:

From designing cycling kit around the names and personalities of the children the team rides for each year, to standing on the sidelines, cheering on the whole V&X crew, along with so SO many other PMC riders (over 6,400 this year), we cannot stress enough that we’ve honestly loved EVERY second of it. In honor of this year’s PMC, along with our donated design time Inkind Design will be making a financial donation to team V&X. On top of that, I (Meg Joyce owner & executive creative director of IKD) will be making personal donations to both Gail and Darryl Abbey in gratitude for everything they do for and with Inkind Design. If you’d like to join us in donating to PMC, Team V&X, or Darryl and Gail you can do so at the following links:

Darryl Abbey:

Gail Abbey:

Team V&X:


Thank you all for being incredible kind people!! We couldn’t be more proud to know each and every one of you!!!

This year’s Cycling Kit and Team Photos:

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