• Meg Joyce


Ok… so what the heck is a “Print Broker”… Well the easy answer is we are. We are a print broker. The more helpful answer is that a print broker is someone who communicates both with the client, in need of print, and the printer, ready to provide that service, and moves the whole process along toward the common goal of creating great print pieces for a good price and in a timely fashion.

Make sense?

Well think of it this way. When you deal with an insurance broker or a mortgage broker, they’re not actually selling you a mortgage or insurance, they’re finding you a company that can. A company that you probably wouldn’t have access to if you didn’t have someone doing the finding for you, because that’s how this brokering thing works.

So now think of that, but with printing… Inkind Design is connected to big wholesale print companies that don’t work with the general population. They only work with brokers like us. This makes things easy on their end because working with brokers means working with people who speak their language and know what goes into setting up a useable print file. Less hassle, less risk, and likely a higher volume of sales for them. So what does that mean for you? Well, the biggest, best part of all this is that because they know there’s a middle-man involved (ie. us) and because they’re able to operate on a HUGE nation-wide scale, their cost to operate goes WAY down and they pass those savings on to us. And we pass those savings on to you.

Still feel a little weird? Well, if you’ve ever ordered print from a big-box store, from a local printer, or even from your friendly neighborhood graphic designer, chances are you’ve already worked with a print broker. Most print shops, yes even the ones embedded in national chains, don’t have all the equipment in-house to get every single possible job done. That would be nuts and they’d need a warehouse the size of 4 city blocks just to house it all. So they farm whatever they can’t do in-house out to a big wholesale company and charge a little extra for their trouble.

So… if you’ve already been through it, maybe it’s not so scary after all? Right! Now, here’s the kicker. Not all print brokers are made alike. Some are amazing… and some inflate their margins. Some advocate for their clients when things go haywire… and some don’t. Inkind Design is a business built on a foundation of kindness. You’d better believe that in every print job, no matter how big or small, we’re here for you. No matter what the job is, we’ve been there, done that and we know just how to get you exactly what you need, when you need it. We’re here with you. We’re here to help. :D

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