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Silver Lining Mentoring Up in Lights

Every now and then, a designer is given the opportunity to work on something that really speaks to them. Something so empowering and so powerful that it's like the work just flows through you and out into the world. Working with Silver Lining Mentoring on their 10th annual Match Gala was one of those times for me. Last night was an absolutely incredible blur of bright lights, happy tears, and the realization of months of hard work. Not only was the night immensely successful for SLM, but it was a triumph for me too. I designed huge projection signage and donor monitors throughout the Edward M. Kennedy Center in South Boston. The versatility of the setup at the EMK allowed me to really take the concept of event branding and run with it. With a completely blank canvass (literally, without the designs it would have been all white walls), I was able to create an environment that was literally electric and that shouted the story of SLM to everyone in the room. Take a look at one of our most exciting projects this year!

And while you're at it, check out a couple of fun pages on our website detailing our work on last year's event!

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