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when it's time to speak up.

So, we've all seen the news... For months our social feeds, televisions, and talk radio stations have been jam packed with the best and worst of humanity. I've spent years counseling small business owners to keep politics out of their social feeds... It's a divisive subject that, more often than not, just totally misses the mark, brand-wise. But when something so big, so world changing is happening, right on our doorsteps, how can we keep silent? This something that’s effecting every household and is invariably effecting every business, right along with it, because for small businesses the two go hand in hand.

It’s easy to stand back and say “that’s not my fight”, because with businesses everywhere suffering every single sale counts. But running a business based on and in kindness means advocating for that kindness wherever possible.

And all of the things we need right now to make a positive change in the world: equality, empathy, a willingness to see beyond your own limited perspective to the struggles of your fellow human beings… at the core of all of them is Kindness.

So after 5 years of being in business, this is my chance to eat my words, break out of my confines, and say to the world: Kindness matters. People matter.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be broadcasting a series of blog posts, social posts, etc. about current events. I won’t call them political, because kindness isn’t political, it’s essential. I hope that they will encourage some, embolden others, and maybe even open some eyes and hearts. At the end of the day, our country runs on business and industry. As a business owner, and as a person, I believe that I have a social responsibility to advocate for kindness wherever and whenever possible. I hope that, as I do, you’ll all stand beside me. Kindness isn’t political, it is essential.

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