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Why you have to keep pushing.

For a very long time... this has been me:

Literally, since 2018. And it's been nice. It's been something that people can look at, understand, to an extent, and get a small sense of who I am and what I do. But... not enough.

At least, it's not enough anymore. Because I know more, now, about who I am. I know more, now, about what I want for my business and where my future is headed.

And the thing is... "inKind Design" just doesn't cut it.

I've always had all these ideas for sub-brands and offshoot projects and passion-driven things that aren't money-makers, but ARE connected to my money-making business. And I know, now, that what I REALLY want is a brand that can flex and grow and move along with me. What I need isn't a logo, it's a Brand Map.

So I started with the name. I know that, 5 years from now... 10 years from now, no matter what I'll still be kind and I'll still be designing. What's new, today, is the realization that EVERYTHING I do, and have always dreamed of doing, has always touched branding. Brand building, brand expansion, brand discovery, brand confidence. All of it. So I did this:

And it felt good!! It felt (almost) right... and that's where I say you always have to keep pushing. Because this is good! It's colorful. It's feels more like me, today, than what I had before. It's a good step forward. But it's still limited. It's still little things in little boxes. And the brand map, while more informative than NOT having one... still didn't feel like it had the right layout.

So I kept pushing... And I discovered/created this:

This makes SO MUCH SENSE. And it's not just that it fits me today, it fits, and blazes the trail for, who I am becoming. There is so much flexibility and mobility in this and THAT is a brand that is both empowered and empowering.

I am so excited to live into this new version of my brand. This new vision and hope that is burning inside me. Keep watching!! It's going to be good!!!

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