If print marketing were a cherished American author, it might say "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated." Clever right? Well Mark Twain said it first, but the same is true for print. A client once asked us if we thought print was a waste of time and the answer was a resounding NO! Print is as alive an powerful as ever, but how people interact with print has definitely evolved. 

Today, successful print marketing takes a great deal of care and attention. We've all received junk mail that goes straight into the recycling bin, but have you ever got something that you held on to a little longer than normal? Better quality materials with high end design are a lot harder to disregard. Even better, in a world where everyone's swiping right, skipping commercials, and scrolling past so much of the digital world, thoughtful print marketing has a staying power that digital marketing can't match. You can probably tell we're a little print biased here, but passion aside, good print marketing is always a good idea.

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print design
print design

Do you ever feel link printers speak another language? Well, as graphic designers, we're fluent in printer-ese. We have amazing partnerships with some spectacular printers and, even if you don't need help with design, we'd love the chance to share some of our good fortune, and great prices, with you. 

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