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Branded Social Media Templates

Social media is INTIMIDATING. And it's intimidating for a million reasons, but one of the biggies is that it takes some thinking and some experience to know how to take what you want to say and translate it into an image that looks good, feels like YOU, and gets your message across. But I gotta tell you... I love this stuff. Let me come up with some easy-to-use templates that will help make social media more possible and, maybe even.... fun!

Branded Social

Templates Include

price starts at $1000

  • includes minimum 10 template styles

  • brand strategy around how your templates maximize your brand and your messaging

  • your brand set up in Canva

  • includes 1 training session for how to use your templates

  • training videos for continued support

(add-ons available)

a picture is worth a thousand words

check out some of my super fun social template collections:

Seacoast Science Center

Blush Bouquets

Christine McShane Creative

ready to make some branded magic in your social media?

I’m here for it! 

Book a call to chat through your specific needs and how I can help!

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