life's too short to be stingy with the exclamation points!!!!!



Owner & Executive Creative Director

I built inKind Design because I know that, as kind people, we all get to live bigger, better, more passion-filled lives knowing that our dreams really are within our reach. Together, we can make it all happen! I invite my clients, employees, and social followers to celebrate creativity & kindness with me!

Working for years as a graphic designer, what I discovered I loved most of all about the job was that feeling of helping people and business to find their success. I’ve since taken that feeling and ran with it, building inKind Design around genuine, caring help. 8 years later, all the skills I learned through graphic design, working with businesses and non-profits of all shapes and sizes, has taught me a HUGELY holistic way of understanding, planning, and executing amazing brands. I know what businesses need, on a deeply personal level, because so much of what they’re up against is all stuff I’ve worked against and with before.

My work doesn’t look like ME. My work is 100% unique and deeply infused with the individual brand. Looking back on a lifetime of work, every piece is unique, every piece speaks to the individual or the organization it was designed for. That same magical empathy helps me to see through the front people put up because they think they SHOULD be something, and helps me to get to the actual heart of what the brand NEEDS to be.

My work is magically transformative. And I can’t wait for you to experience it!


The InKind Collective is the cooperative effort of four women-owned rebrand and marketing specialists. Each of our member businesses targets a unique aspect of marketing (web, social, graphics, and content) which means that together we are a powerhouse of collective knowledge and skill.


Meg Joyce
Brand Design

Better design means better business, which means at Inkind Design our whole job is to make your life easier. Brand building with us means working with someone who genuinely cares about your successes and wants your business and your life to be as amazing as it possibly can be.

Christine Mcshane
Content Creation

Christine McShane is a copywriter and brand photographer with an eye towards strategic brand messaging. In an already competitive digital landscape, having artful and authentic messaging can attract and pre-qualify new customers.

Maura Navin
Marketing Strategy

Maura helps awesome creatives, self-employed gurus, and small businesses find clarity, solidify authentic messaging, and create meaningful marketing strategies that will take you to the next level... with heart. Maura is all about meaningful marketing for real people.

Jay Paranjape
Online Presence

iVirtualSolutions was founded by Jay Paranjape in 2008 to provide comprehensive marketing solutions to businesses. Our team focuses on understanding the needs of the clients and design solutions that fit their businesses and budgets. We help you in creating an impressive and professional image that gets noticed.