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branding is a journey... and you've already taken the first step.

if you're here, you're already in the right place

My brand is all about kindness and comfort and joy, so if you've made it this far and you're still on board, that means we're going to be friends.

And you know why that works? Why I can say with confidence that I know we're going to be great friends? I know because I built my brand around ME. And I don't mean that you have to plaster your face all over your business, because it's OK to not want that. What I mean is that my brand is all about what I love. It's about who I am and what I want to create in the world.

And for me? That's kindness and creativity.

And it took me a LONG time to figure that out. Like... a decade.

And, really, I've been learning it for a lifetime.

So that's how this works. It takes time. And I'm here, with you, for the whole journey.

So let's get down to logistics:

Now, imagine that... A brand SO STRONG that you can say with confidence that it is literally only going to attract the RIGHT people. The kind of people you can't WAIT to work with... I know right!?!?!?


I'm here to get to know you. And I'm here to help you know and understand yourself, and how I do that depends on you.


I've got two containers where all my goodness and creativity and warmth live and, depending on how well you know yourself and how ready you are to BE yourself, you might fit into one or the other.

Take a peek below to get a taste of both:

inKind brand design logo

empathetic & strategic brand design

Building a brand through empathy means listening to what your soul is telling you and building a brand around that. Imagine a brand that will grow WITH you, instead of being outgrown. A brand that brings you JOY and CONFIDENCE, in stead of feeling like something that lives outside of and independent of who you are. I build brands that are so much more than "just a logo".

inKind inkspace logo

art & brand therapy for business owners

inkspace is a brand growth incubator, which means that it's a safe space for personal, professional, and creative growth. Together, we'll use art therapy prompts and brand discovery exercises to better understand where your brand is headed. Bring joy and play back into your life and into your brand. And feel really good and confident and accomplished while you're at it.


I say that you're already on the journey and that you've already taken the first step, because YOU HAVE. You're HERE!! And you're asking questions and feeling like something needs to change. And that means you're already doing the work. The tough thing is trying to do the work alone... so let's not do that.

You don't know it yet, but we're going to be really good friends.

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