Founded in 2014, Inkind Design was born out of pure compassion and joy. ­After leading the graphic design team for a printing franchise in TX, kindness-obsessed inKind founder Meg Joyce realized that what she loved most about her work was helping small businesses to discover themselves and find their success. She took that and ran with it, building inKind Design around genuine care and help for small businesses and non-profit organizations in need.


The funny thing, though, is that with all the love, all the kindness that was inherent in Meg and in the work… the inKind Design brand was just missing it all. Hard lines, harsh contrast, hyper modern and living in this teal, orange, and gray, boxy space, the inKind Design brand reflected Meg’s own insecurities in being a first time small business owner herself and a woman to boot. She had built the visual brand out of the fear of not being respected by her older male colleagues and the need to feel like something other than what she was in order to “fit in”. The disconnect just felt… bad. Meanwhile, however, the work was AMAZING!! As inKind Design’s reputation grew, along with Meg’s growing network of incredible, heartfelt, supportive, wonderful fellow women business owners, the fear that had held the brand back started to melt away.

By 2019, it was time for a total visual overhaul. As an empowered, creative team of women, we stripped away all of the fear, all of the hesitation, and stepped into our new role as bright, vibrant, unapologetically kind, caring, and feminine people. The inKind Design brand book was published and we made it official. But the story doesn’t end there… because branding isn’t just about visuals and messaging, it’s about the BIG picture. And in 2022 we finally hit the BIG picture aha moment when we realized that the words we’d been using as a fun tagline all along “be creative & be kind” literally IS the big picture. It’s not just our brand ethos, it’s our call to action! Now we invite everyone to do just that. Be kind to themselves and live creatively, because a creative life is a bigger, more authentic life. And creativity can mean a MILLION things, so even if you don’t think of yourself as an artist, creativity might be how you find solutions to every day problems or how you find perspective in a crisis.


Our brand story isn’t a point A to B kind of story because, really, no brand story is. There isn’t an end to this story and we can’t wait to see what wild and innovative things lay on our horizon. A brand is something alive. It’s the beating heart of a business that swells and changes over time and is constantly growing. We know it. Do you?


We invite you, with open arms and so much joy, to check out the inKind Design Brand Book, to follow us on social media, apply to participate in our Brand Therapy Group, or just get involved in any way you want. Let today be the day you feel inspired. Let today be the day you open the door to the BIG picture. Every day is a chance to make big, wonderful, meaningful things happen for you and for your business.