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I'm a Brand Therapist. So what does that mean...?

It means I care. And it means that, BECAUSE I care... I'm NOT just going to give you what you want.

Because, really, what you want NOW probably isn't what you really need... And if I just say yes, if I just listen to what you're asking me for and take it all at face-value without pushing back or digging in and asking BIG questions... I'll just be handing you a band-aid. And I don't want to do that. You know what you want NOW, but I want to talk about what the next 10 years of your LIFE is going to look like. I want to know if you even LIKE what you do anymore.

I want to ask you those BIG questions and give you the time it takes for you to chew on your answers and what comes up in our conversations, because there is SO MUCH you can learn about yourself and the future you're building if you can just hold that space and... think about it.

I'm here to help you feel things. I'm here to help you heal all the broken and painful stuff that got you to this point where what you think you SHOULD do feels so much more important than what you WANT to do...

Because we all got into business for ourselves for the freedom and the happiness... right?!?!

Meg Joyce - inKind Brand Design

We’ll Have Fun Along the Way

The process is easy and rewarding as we explore your vision and passion.  You’ll be amazed at what you discover about your business (and yourself) in our brand therapy and visual brand design journey.

Just want to pick my brain?
If you want to talk about brand strategy, I’m all about it. Maybe you’re not ready for the visual brand design process just yet, but you’ve got questions. Maybe you need some advice.

That’s what Brand Therapy is for.  Book an hour of my time and we’ll answer your burning brand design questions.

Take it all in bite-sized pieces. Brand Therapy happens one meeting at a time. You don't have to sign on to some big package, we can just set up one call, one time, and see where it takes us.

Meg Joyce - inKind Brand Design

you're not alone! you have me!

the best part?

“That’s a me problem” is something I say a lot when I’m talking to prospects and clients who are used to having to "do it all" on their own. Give me your concerns and confusions, share the weight of what you're feeling with me. I'm here to help you take a deep breath and know that these things that you've been worrying about and fretting over... aren't yours to take on. They’re mine. And I’m not worried, so you don’t have to be either.

Check your fears at the door, because we’re going to use colors, lines, and designs to bring the energy back to your brand. 

ready to get some answers??

I’m here for it! 

Let's set up a call to explore the possibilities for your future and your HAPPINESS in your brand!!!

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