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bridging the gap between where you are, now,
and the future you're growing into.

Bridge-the-Gap Branding

aka:  A short-term logo/brand update for when the visuals you have are THE THING that's holding you back from growing and making money. Bring me your fear and your awkward growing pains and we'll figure out what you need, for right now.


Tell me if you're feeling any of this:

+ You've gone through some INCREDIBLE transformation over the last few years.

+ You've got SO MUCH hope and excitement for 2024.

+ You're feeling more confident in yourself and what you bring to the table than you have in years.

- You're struggling to get paid and, maybe, not making sales as easily or quickly as you used to...

- You're having a hard time trying to fit your new business/services into an old brand.

- You're struggling with missing pieces and tools that will help your business keep growing.

~ You know you need some kind of change or update in your brand, but you're still growing and not ready 

   to commit to a BIG rebrand when you're not 100% sure of your future.

And that's GOOD NEWS!!! Because it means you've grown!!!! Even if it doesn't always feel like it...

You’ve HAVE grown. Things have changed. Who you are, right now, and what you do, right now, doesn’t fit with the branding/logo that you’ve been living in for what feels like a really long time. Imagine who you were back in 2019. Imagine what your business looked like… that whole lifetime ago…
Now imagine that what you were doing, back then, and what your brand was all about, back then… is a pair of jeans. Your favorite pair of jeans that you used to feel REALLY good in. But now? Now, they don’t feel the same. They’re not as comfortable... They just don’t fit you anymore.
And it’s not because you’ve done anything wrong, it’s because you’ve OUTGROWN them. Trying to step forward into a new and exciting future while you’re still trying to wedge yourself into an old brand is exhausting and it will ABSOLUTELY hold you back. So don’t do that.

It might not be time for the full-on, bi
g picture, dream inspired rebrand, because I get that that’s a BIG commitment both in time and money, but you need something.

So let’s bridge that gap.

Let’s work together and quickly create something that you can use RIGHT NOW to help you move forward. Think of this as an opportunity to try on a new pair of jeans. Test them out, see how they feel and how YOU feel in them. This is brand design without a ton of pressure and commitment.

Brand building takes time, but Bridge-the-Gap Branding can be quick!


Branding Includes

  • a logo

  • color palette & font selection

  • style guide with instructions for use

  • strategic planning for how this is going to fit into the bigger picture of your brand journey

Brand building is a big investment, but Bridge-the-Gap Branding is a lot less intimidating, budget wise.

Ashleigh Howland

Meg has this incredible ability to have faith in us that we don’t have in ourselves. She has a greater vision for everybody’s business (and for hers), but to have someone on your team who has unyielding faith in you, and what you can create, and who is going to push you and support you as you build great things, is just incomparable.

Check out Ashleigh's Bridge-the-Gap style guide!

so what do you say?

are you ready for something better?

Let's get you ready for this next BIG phase of growth in your brand with something that feels exciting and new! Book a call with me and we'll make a plan.

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