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let the journey to your beautiful brand begin

The Process

the journey starts with Brand Therapy
and Magical Empathy

Before we create your visual love letter to your customers, we’re going to get cozy with your dreams.  Share your story with me.  Where have you been…and, even better, where are you going?

My clients say my magical empathy is my superpower.  When we sit down to talk, I can hear what you’re really saying underneath all the words. All the hope, all the frustration, all the meaning and purpose and fear and longing. And it’s my job to turn all of it into visuals that tell your story and take your breath away.

And that? That is where powerful, purpose-fueled brands begin.


it doesn't matter how fast you get there...

... but it does matter that you get there.


it’s not just a process,
it’s a conversation

Because your brand is your love letter to your customers... and we'll start by talking through the love letter to should be writing to yourself.  What is your mission - and how can your business actually bring you joy over the next 10 years?   

Throughout our journey together, we’ll stay connected. Lots of conversation and lots of learning. Not only will I be working to create the magic of your visual brand behind the scenes, we'll work together to understand what happiness means to you and what life COULD look like if you could silence all the "should"s and "have to"s and really build your brand around YOU.

Are you ready?!

Here’s how we’ll make joyful, growth-inspiring magic together:

  • Discovery & Kickoff Connection -  It’s more than just a Discovery call, it’s the beginning of the next chapter of your business. Let’s celebrate that!

  • Exclusive Brand Exploration Exercises -  How do you want to feel in your brand over the next 10 years? We’ll find out in these playful exercises.  Because work doesn't have to feel like work... and it CAN feel like play.

  • Mood Boards for Inspiration - Let’s take the words out of the equation and let’s see how your new brand feels. Mood boards are how we start to speak the same visual language.

  • Sketching To Bring Your Dream to Life - This is the fun part!  This is where I get to mess around, let your brand try on some different looks, and see what feels best. Everything’s on the table in this phase.

  • Revisions to Fine Tune Your Vision - We’re getting closer as we refine the visuals to speak for your brand. We’ll combine the best of everything, all your favorite bits and pieces of everything that's come so far, into a single , super powerful brand identity.

  • Stylescapes to See Your Brand In Action - Stylescapes are a brand-designer's secret... they're a hugely exciting sneak peek of what your top favorite brand design options could look like in the real world.

  • Final Decision Day! - It’s finally here!! It’s the day you get to choose your final design!! Just soak it all in… this is the moment when all our work together comes together to start the next spectacular phase in your business.

  • Brand Launch Celebration!!! - Time to share your visual love letter with the world. You and your team will get everything you need to take this new brand identity and use it everywhere!!!

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ready to make magic?

I’m here for it! 

Book a call to see which package is right for you and brand.  It’s going to get playful, messy, and fun as we turn your brand dreams into a visual reality.

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