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inKind Design inc.
Meg Joyce, inKind Design inc

Founder, inKind Design inc.

Meg Joyce

Grow Your Brand through Kindness & Creativity
Because our worlds become SO MUCH BIGGER when we allow ourselves to build our brands for JOY

Wherever you are on your brand growth journey, I'm here for it. And I mean that literally. I've built whole platforms and programs in my brand around making sure you'll have someone to talk to and someone to help you grow with care and confidence, no matter what. Because building a business and growing a brand is HARD and it can feel really isolating if you don't have someone to lean on. So lean on me.


No matter what, you've already taken the first step. You're here. What's next? Let's find out!


inkind inkspace is for you if:

  • you want to know yourself/your brand better

  • you're craving a much needed brain break

  • you feel overwhelmed by logistics

  • you need more joy in your daily operations

  • you're craving community and a breath of fresh air, with all the emotional support you can handle

Come join in the fun and allow yourself to remember what it's like to dream, relax, and rediscover the joy in your brand.

Engage regularly in brand therapy exercises that are rooted in the fundamental principles of human relationships with colors, shapes, and creativity.  Sign up for a monthly membership or participate as-needed.


1-on-1 and group sessions available.

This is how we discover/re-discover LOVE and JOY in your brand. I founded inKind Design to be a creative space to explore your evolving vision for the next stage of business, however long it takes.

Everyone deserves a safe space filled with the empathy, compassion, and gentle guidance to reveal the visual heartbeat of your brand.  Together we can create meaningful magic with your visual brand identity and brand design. For that reason, Brand Therapy is a critical ingredient in the whole process AND participating in Brand Therapy will not only make the brand growth/design process faster, easier, and more FUN, but you'll also have a chance to get a discount on your brand design for having done all the hard, emotional work ahead of time!


brand design is for you if:

  • you're feeling ready to grow

  • you're tired of feeling stuck in a brand that doesn't fit you anymore
  • you want a brand that's built for YOUR joy

  • you have an idea for how you want to grow your brand, but you need support and guidance to help you figure it all out

Let's work together to breathe new life into your brand. You built your business because you’re on a mission, and walking that road can be long and lonely... but it doesn't have to be!! Owning a brand should bring you JOY!!!

Work with me to discover the meaning of brand satisfaction. Your brand should work for YOU, not the other way around.

The universe of inKind is huge and beautiful
but don't worry, you can take a handy quiz to figure out where you fit in it!

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