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it's more than a brand, it's a love letter

Visual Brand Identity and Brand Design

Take a Deep Breath - It’s Going to Be Okay!

Maybe you’ve been doing all of this on your own.  

Maybe your team needs more guidance.

Maybe you’ve simply outgrown your brand...


It’s time for your branding to blossom as much as you have.

more than just a pretty face….

Great Branding Answers Questions 

Great branding is more than just a logo - it’s your entire visual package.  Your visual brand identity is the greeting you give your customers at your virtual front door. Are you welcoming them with a firm handshake, a regal red carpet, or a warm hug?

So whether your brand is:

Together, we’ll create a visual brand identity that invites your prospects into your world.

Visual Brand
Design Services

for when you're

ready to re-brand

Brand Therapy

for when you want to explore your brand yourself

together, we’ll breathe new life into your brand

You built your business because you’re on a mission, and the journey should bring you joy.   I’m here to help you write your visual love letter to your prospects and customers.  I founded inKind Design to be a creative space to explore your evolving vision for the next stage of business, however long it takes. 

Everyone deserves a safe space filled with the empathy, compassion, and gentle guidance to reveal the visual heartbeat of your brand.  Together we can create meaningful magic with your visual brand identity and brand design.

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empathetic brand building

"Meg is literally the best. Can't say enough about her. Beyond creating beautiful designs she is incredibly flexible but pushes back when what I want isn't the best for my business. She helped guide me in understanding the reason behind each decision and kept my marketing focused and efficient. inKIND is definitely the emphasis. You can't miss her passion in her work. All the stars!!!"

Embrace Kulture


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