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Wherever you are on your brand growth journey, I'm here for it. And I mean that literally. I've built whole businesses around making sure you have someone to talk to, someone to help you grow in your brand with both care and confidence.

Take the quiz or peruse the options on your own and see what feels right. No matter what, you've already taken the first step. You're here.

What's next? Let's find out!

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inKind Design inc.
Meg Joyce, inKind Design inc

Founder, inKind Design inc.

Meg Joyce

inKind Design
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Come join in the fun and allow yourself to remember what it's like to dream, relax, and rediscover the joy in our brand.

Engage regularly in brand therapy exercises that are rooted in the fundamental principles of human relationships with colors, shapes, and creativity.  Sign up for a monthly membership or participate as-needed.

inKind Design
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Let's work together to breathe new life into your brand. You built your business because you’re on a mission, and walking that road can be long and lonely... but it doesn't have to be!! Owning a brand should bring you JOY!!!

Work with me to discover the meaning of brand satisfaction. Your brand should work for YOU, not the other way around.

inKind Brand Design
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inKind Brand Collective
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The inKind Brand Collective is the cooperative effort of four women-owned rebrand and marketing specialists. Each of our member businesses targets a unique aspect of marketing (web, social, graphics, and content) which means that together we are a powerhouse of collective knowledge and skill.

Are you ready for the whole team?

inKind Brand Collective
inKind Brand Collective

Let's Chat

Still have questions? That's ok!

Get to know me a little better first by following inKind on social, or reach out to chat 1-on-1. One way or another, we'll find where you fit in the inKind universe.

Meg Joyce

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Strategic Brand Artist & Creativity Coach

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