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Special Pricing for Brand Therapy Clients

Um...... what?!?!!? $2,000 OFF on my branding project for a bit of TALKING!?!?!

Yes.  Believe it or not, if you're willing to show up and do the work in Brand Therapy, you WILL get up to $2,000 of your branding package.


Why?  Because Brand Therapy is actually where most of the work happens...  It's not easy, and it takes time, but if you're willing to commit to the process and make time for all of the emotional digging that goes into Brand Therapy, and all the self-discovery and openness that goes with that, the actual design stuff takes not time and is SUPER easy for you AND for me.

What? So let's talk about what Brand Therapy is and how it makes SUCH a big difference.... because that's how this is all going to start to make sense. Brand Therapy is where we talk. That's it. You talk, I listen. I ask questions, you answer, I push back where I feel like there could be more to talk about. I'm not a therapist, but I AM a brand expert with a DEEP well of empathy and understanding and I'll use my brand expertise and all that understanding to push back on some of the things you've been telling yourself. The "I can't do _ because _." The "I have to do _ this way because everyone does it this way." The "I wish I could _, but I just can't." The "I know who I am and I know what I want and you're not going to convince me otherwise." Because.... most of that is just your brain telling you stories. Most of that is your fear taking over and lying to you. What you WANT... is possible. Building your brand and your life around YOUR happiness is possible... but you need me to tell you no a few times before we can get there. My job isn't to just.... give you what you want. My job is to ask you WHY you want it?

How? We'll chat either once a week or once every other week.... until you're ready. And that's tough, because this whole deal doesn't really come with an end-date. You'll be ready when you're ready. You can't force it and neither can I. The whole point of Brand Therapy is for you to grow and heal and learn and open up to the point that when you ARE ready for the design... not only will the design take NO time (usually just a couple of days... my personal best is 12 hours...) but what you'll walk away with, from this whole experience, is a brand that can grow with you for a lifetime.

Not a band-aid. Not something that's going to last you for a couple of years until you outgrow it and have to re-invest. A brand that is built for your soul, with your happiness at its center. A brand that isn't static and eventually going to hold you back, but one that can move and grow and flex and change right along with you.

The amount of time we'll BOTH save on the design back-and-forth and all the second-guessing and self-doubt is worth EVERY PENNY of the up to $2k savings you'll get on your design package.

so what do you say?

are you ready for the most impactful decision you can make for the life of your brand?

Book a call to see which package is right for you and your brand.  It’s going to get playful, messy, and fun as we turn your brand dreams into a visual reality.

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