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proving that you can be successful in business not in spite of kindness, but because of it.

let's start with a trip down memory lane

I know what you're feeling and struggling with... because I've LIVED it.

And I know how painful and exhausting it is to try and fit yourself into a brand or a business that just... isn't right for you. Even if it was literally designed for you!

Back when I first started out on my own, all full of excitement and fear and wonder and worry, I built all of the visuals in my business with one purpose in mind... to not look like me.


Because, at the time, what was I? I was a nobody. I was a 20-something with no experience running her own business. I was a woman in a predominantly male networking pool. I was a creative showing up in spaces with contractors and lawyers and realtors and all kinds of people who all had jobs that were REALLY easy to understand and figure out. And then there was me. A graphic designer, shaking in my boots, just trying to justify my seat at the table. 

But here's the thing I know now... I know that I was at the wrong table.

I know that I never needed to justify my existence. What I actually needed to do was stand up and find my own path.


And here's where that all comes back to branding:

Back then? If you'd asked me what I wanted for my brand design, I would have told you (and did tell myself) something modern, something a little corporate, a little masculine. Yes, something creative, but not TOO creative. And yes kind, but not TOO kind.

Because, at the time, I honestly didn't know what I wanted... I knew what I was afraid of.

And it took me a DECADE to work through that fear.

What I want now? What I've built my brand around now..? Bright colors. All kinds of creative art-y stuff. Kindness

oozing out all over the place. Pink and purple and warmth and comfort and HUGS. I talk about love and friendship and I LIVE to sprinkle joy like powdered sugar everywhere I go.

When you come to me... you don't need to have all the answers. Because even if you THINK you know what you want, we're going to start with the absolute most basic question and work our way up from there.


And that question is: What's in your soul?

What is at the heart of your joy? What is your reason for existing? What is the thing that you have carried with you for a lifetime that lights you up and keeps you moving forward? Because THAT is where we start. THAT is what I'm here to build a brand around.

And that is where we find the key to building a powerful brand, through empowered empathy, that will last and grow with you for a lifetime.

Feeling Ready to Grow Your Brand through Kindness & Creativity

what is brand burnout?

Brand burnout is what happens when you get so caught up in building your business and your brand around other people and all the "should"s and "have to"s that cloud your mind and crowd your inbox and make you feel like just being YOU isn't enough...

Scary right!?!?! Ok, I promise this is good news.

Because the way to survive, and even avoid, brand burnout is already inside of you.


The heartbeat of every brand is human. Right at the center of every brand and every brand decision you are EVER going to make... is a human being. Brand burnout happens when we forget ourselves and our humanity and that we need for our souls to be filled with things that bring us joy. YOU are the center of your brand. YOU are the purpose of your business.

Brands don't burn out... people do.

So let's talk about what that all means for you.

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