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2023 was my “sh*t or get off the pot” year.

2023 was my “sh*t or get off the pot” year.

Not joking. Honestly, it all felt incredibly dire and VERY serious…

Because I’d been doing things like “this” for years. And “this” was driving me into the ground.

“This” was lowering my rates out of desperation.

“This” was saying yes to everything that popped up in my inbox.

“This” was putting off the things I wanted, because there were so many “shoulds” and “have-to’s” in the way…

I ended 2022 by hitting a wall and feeling tired enough and angry enough that I was ready to just walk away from it all. All the late nights. All the resentment. All the dreams I’d had for my life and my business…

Hope… I was ready to give up on hope. Because THAT’S what owning a business is. Hope is the fuel that makes ANYTHING possible… and I was just… out. Out of hope. Nothing left.

But that’s not where the story ends. Obviously.

For years, I’d been keeping this stack of papers in my office. Not huge, but FULL of hope. Every single page represented a dream that I’d had for what my life could be, for what my business and my brand could mean. And every single line on every single page was on the back-burner. Just sitting there, waiting for me to add another page, another dream… that I would never get to.

I felt like there was this big, beautiful picture of my perfect business, hidden between the lines and pages in that stack. And that someday, any day, I could take a deep breath and dive into it and it would all be there, ready and waiting for me. Beautiful…

But that deep breath never happened. Every day, I made the choice to put off that dive.

Until I just… couldn’t anymore.

2023 was my “sh*t or get off the pot” year, because if I wasn’t going to dive in then… then I never would. And I would know… for once and for all… that it was time to stand up and walk away.

So I jumped.

I dove.

I sorted through that pile of dreams and hopes and figured out what still fit, after all that time waiting.

I cleared away the clutter. All the work and the practices and the literal JUNK that didn’t fit me anymore, and that didn’t fit the future that I wanted to build for myself.

I leaned on the people in my life who LITERALLY DO THIS STUFF FOR A LIVING, and let them into my world. Visibility & Mindset Coaching, Brand Messaging, Content Writing, Marketing Strategy. All the dirty laundry, all the plans and dreams and thoughts and WHATEVER, and I let them help me figure it all out.

I took everything: my brand, my business, my purpose, everything… down to a blank page (literally a big, blank poster-board) and started fresh.

And it was amazing. And it IS beautiful.

I’m here.


Ready to take on the world with this INCREDIBLE new purpose and SO MUCH HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!

My life IS big and beautiful. My world is SO MUCH more colorful and happy and FULL!!! I am living my life and running my business for ME and for the world I want to build around me. I wake up each morning EXCITED to work. EXCITED to be alive and to LIVE INTO my hopes and dreams in stead of shoving them into the corner and hoping I’ll get them someday.

Brand building isn’t about slapping a new face on an old business. Brand building is about creating something new and beautiful and FILLED WITH HOPE AND PURPOSE, out of the knowledge and the lessons learned and the exhaustion of what came before. Brand building is about knowing who YOU are and owning what YOU want from YOUR life.

It’s about breaking habits and getting out of your own head. It’s about letting someone into your world who can know you in all kinds of beautiful and important and life-changing ways.

It’s about figuring out if you’re going to DO THE THINGS that you’ve been dreaming of… or if it’s time to walk away.

So for 2024…. “I'm ready.” Watch me live my dream. I can’t wait!!!


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